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Why you should consider a 529 plan

William Jordan William Jordan , 6/16/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, College fundThe importance of saving for college cannot be overstated enough, regardless of whether you're a parent or a prospective student. College tuition is going up all the time and you need to get a head start before you get left behind. One of the ways to maximize your college investment is with a 529 plan. Remember that an investment in college is an investment in education that will pay dividends throughout the rest of your life on a regular basis. College savings plans like 529 plans are by far the best way to make sure that you're ready for that huge financial burden when it finally does arrive.  One of the great things about a 529 college saving plan is that nearly every state offers them. This leaves you with a huge number of options with regards to universities you can attend (or send your child to) later on. It is important to note, however, that the specifics of plans may vary from state to state so you should always look up the rules and regulations for such plans in both the area where you live and the area where you plan on going to college (if they're different) so you aren't met with any surprises later on. Another reason why you should consider a 529 plan has to do with the fact that they can easily be used with out of state colleges. With certain types of college saving plans, you are limited to only universities within the state where you actually live. Because of the tuition cost differences between "out of state" and "in state" university students, many college savings plans place strict limitations on the ways that they can and cannot be used. In the vast majority of all plans, the choice of university that you choose to attend will in no way be affected by the state that your 529 plan was originally created in. This allows you to look at the largest number of schools possible to make sure that you truly get the education that you (or your child) deserve. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.