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Factors That Affect Your Auto-Fleet Insurance Rates

William Jordan William Jordan , 8/13/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, Commercial car insuranceAuto fleet insurance is designed to protect a large number of different vehicles that are all being used for the purposes of business. If you own a moving company and have 25 different moving trucks in operation at any different time, for example, you would need an auto fleet insurance policy to cover those trucks in the event that they were damaged or stolen. Just as a number of different factors will affect the price you pay for traditional auto insurance, a large number of things affect your auto fleet insurance rates, as well. One of the most important factors that affects your auto fleet insurance rates involves any fleet safety training that your employees go through. This is especially important if your employees are operating large work owned vehicles like semi-trucks on a regular basis. After all drivers have completed a fleet safety training course, you can get a discount on your auto fleet insurance rates as a result. Another factor that will certainly affect your auto fleet insurance rates involves whether or not your work vehicles will have passengers. In the event that you own a taxi company, for example, you would need additional levels of coverage to help provide funds for any medical bills or other injuries that may occur to passengers during the operation of those motor vehicles. This would naturally cause your rates to increase when compared to a business that only operated fleet vehicles for the purposes of transporting equipment. The transportation of products or other goods will also raise your auto fleet insurance rates. If you own a moving truck that is filled with $100,000 worth of personal possessions that belong to your client and that truck is damaged in a collision, you could be held responsible for repairing or replacing those items. With the right type of provision in your fleet insurance policy, however, those items would be covered. Contact The Jordan Insurance Group today for more information. Content provided by Transformer Marketing