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Elements to Look for In an Auto-Fleet Insurance Policy

William Jordan William Jordan , 8/15/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, Commercial Car insuranceWhat is auto fleet insurance? This type of coverage, as its name suggests, is a specific type of auto insurance policy designed to protect a large number of different vehicles that are used for business purposes. For example, if you are a business owner that owns two separate vehicles used exclusively for work purposes, you would not need a fleet policy. Coverage would be provided under your traditional commercial auto insurance plan. If you owned a limousine company that operated 50 different cars at any given time, however, that number would be large enough to qualify as a “fleet” and such a policy would be required. There are a number of important elements to look for in a fleet insurance policy to help make sure that your business vehicles, your drivers and all passengers are properly protected in the event of a collision. One of those elements is automatic out of state coverage, which means the policy will still cover you across state lines. Another important element to look for in an auto fleet insurance policy is blanket coverage for vehicle liability. Liability coverage will come in handy if one of your drivers was at fault for a collision, for example. Without blanket coverage for vehicle liability, the insurance provider may look at a police report, see that the driver was liable and deny the claim. One of the most important elements to consider when purchasing an auto fleet insurance policy is multiple coverage options that are available for physical damage that any one vehicle sustains. There are different levels of coverage based on the types of damage that your fleet is likely to experience. In the event of a total loss collision, for example, where the vehicle in question is damaged beyond repair, you'll want a high level of physical damage coverage to help cover the cost of a replacement. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.