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Can You Drive a Company Vehicle on Personal Time?

William Jordan William Jordan , 8/27/2014
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Employers sometimes provide their employees with company vehicles as a benefit of employment or out of necessity. These vehicles are typically insured under the company's commercial auto insurance policy as long as Timethey are used for business purposes. However, you may wonder what happens when you drive a company vehicle on your own time.

About Commercial Auto Insurance for Company Vehicles

Basic commercial auto insurance policies cover company vehicles when they are being driven on company time. However, these policies may or may not cover you when you drive the car on your own time. Furthermore, these policies are even less likely to cover the car if it is being driven by other family members that are not employees of the company. Most companies will publish guidelines for the use of company vehicles that are designed to prevent you from using the vehicle in ways that would not be covered by the company's insurance policy. To learn about the limitations of your employer's commercial auto insurance policy, read published guidelines for use and the policy itself carefully. Alternatively, you could also consult the company's insurance agent for specific information. If you find that your employer's insurance policy is not covering you when you are driving the company car on personal time, you must find coverage as soon as possible. If you or another member of your family causes an accident in the company car and you are not covered by an active insurance policy, you can be held personally responsible for any damages or injuries sustained during the accident.

Coverage Options

If you must drive your company car on personal time, speak to your employer about adding the appropriate coverage to the company's commercial auto insurance policy. If this is not a possibility, talk to a licensed insurance agent about obtaining supplemental coverage on your own to protect you from liability. Until you are properly insured, avoid using the company vehicle for your own purposes. Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Sources:,