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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance

William Jordan William Jordan , 9/17/2014
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You may have heard it before - when you are planning to start up a business, you need to have general liability insurance. One question that many people ask is: What is this insurance all about and what protection does it offer? Liability insurance helps protect a company's assets as well as covers obligations incurred if a person is injured while on your property or if damage has been done by you or your employees. This type of insurance can also safeguard your business from any liability as a tenant if you are renting a place for your business. Starting and growing a business is naturally risky, but having general liability insurance can safeguard your business and assets from various risks. It protects you as the business owner, your business, and even your employees from claims that involve property damage and physical injury. It saves your company from overwhelming court settlements. Aside from being an important part of business, here are five more reasons why you should consider getting general liability insurance.

Your Business Survival Planbusinesssupplies

The coverage you get from this type of insurance ensures your business' survival should a court pass judgment and have your company held liable for damages. The insurance will cover settlements as specified by the limits of your policy.

Secures Your Employees

You will have peace of mind in regards to your employees as your business operates. The insurance coverage safeguards claims against your company as well as against employees of your company.

Physical Damages

Claims against your company may involve physical injuries; especially from people who may have suffered an injury while on your premises or while using your products. Getting general liability insurance can protect you from such claims.

Protection from Lawsuits and Investigations

If your company is being sued, the insurance will cover attorney expenses, settlements, investigation expenses, as well as medical expenses if physical injuries occur.


There may be things that you did not consider about getting covered by your insurance policy. However, you may discover the need once the situation calls for it. General liability insurance can protect you from claims - such as advertising injury - where your company may have violated copyrights. Do not be too complacent when you have your own business to run. Talk to one of our insurance agents and get help with the assessment of risks in your business. Ensure that your business is well protected with general liability insurance. Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Source: