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Beware of burnout

William Jordan William Jordan , 9/17/2014
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There is a common belief among Americans that they have to work tirelessly each and every day to become successful.  This belief has been engrained in our routines for years and years.  So that’s what we’ve done.  We have worked ourselves only taking time out for the annual 2 week vacation each year, a sick day here and there, and not much more. Research studies have shown recently, that this pattern of behavior is leading to burnout at a rapid pace.   Are you wondering if you are headed for a burnout?  Check out these warning signs.
  1. You are exhausted most, if not all, of the time.  Physically you don’t have to be exhausted.  It’s quite possible that you are believe mentally and emotionally, that you are spent.HeadInHands
  2. You are not motivated.  Nothing you do or say will get you to do what you want to do.
  3. You are disillusioned.   By this I mean you are more pessimistic than you are optimistic.  Frustration is a constant companion.
  4. Shorter attention spans.  Your concentration levels are low and you become more forgetful.  Decision making is much more difficult during this time.
  5. Your work is suffering.  Maybe you are not able to get as many things done as before or the quality of your work is suffering.  Compare your performance from a year ago.
  6. Your relationships are strained.  Maybe you are isolating yourself or maybe you are just cranky over every little thing.  In any case, your personal relationships are suffering.
  7. You don’t care for yourself.  You indulge in coping skills such as sleeping all day/be sedentary, drinking more, or worse, self-medication.
  8.  You are dissatisfied with everything in general.
  9. Always thinking about work, even in your downtime.
  10. You are chronically sick.
If you are experiencing any of these signs you are headed towards or are in the middle of a burnout.  For tips on preventing a burnout, stay tuned! Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Source: