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Tips to prevent a burnout

William Jordan William Jordan , 9/19/2014
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Wednesday we discussed what signs signal a burnout.  Even writing the article was a bit hard to write we might add.  But fear not, we have solutions for those of you experiencing burnout.
  1. Increase your belief.  No we are not talking about self-talk about believing in yourself (although your ticker tape that runs through your mind is important).  The best way to increase your self-efficacy?  Master new stressskills.
  2. Love where you work.  Most of us will take a job out of responsibility and need of a paycheck.  Albeit that’s necessary, that will not help you overcome your burnout.  Make a list of what you need at your job to be happy.  Is it meaningful?  You feel fulfilled as you work?  Your strengths are magnified and of course, you can freely be yourself.
  3. Get creative.  Whatever you like to do, you should go and do it and be creative as you are doing it.
  4. Take a break.  Don’t worry, your work won’t run away.  Go for a walk and get some sunshine.  A nice dose of vitamin D can improve your outlook.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  No man is an island, we are all put here to help each other out.  Go ahead and get the support that you need.
  6. Dig deep.  If you are a workaholic ask yourself, why are you doing this?  Are you really happy with what you want to do or is there something else you would rather be doing?  Get real with yourself.
  7. Be more positive.  Share your positivity with those around you.
Becoming a burnout happens over a period of time, so implementing these tips can help you recover from burning out or even prevent a burnout. Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Source: