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What You Need to Know About Home Based Business Insurance

William Jordan William Jordan , 10/20/2014
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When you purchase homeowner's insurance, you naturally think that the contents of your home as well as anything else on your property, are covered up to the policy's limits. While this line of thinking would be generally correct, when you add in a home based business, the lines of coverage become a bit more blurred. To help clarify the limitations of homeowner's insurance when it comes to businesses based in the home, keep the following in mind.

Little Coverage ProvidedHomeBusiness

While your homeowner's insurance policy probably does give your business some protection, it is not likely to be enough. In fact, in many cases, depending on the issuer of the policy, if the losses are the result of activities that occurred in the course of business, they might not be covered at all.

How To Protect Yourself and Your Business

Instead of simply assuming that your home based business is protected by your homeowner's policy, do your homework before you incur a loss. Consider investing in a business owner's policy. This type of policy specifically targets those areas that could result in the loss of income, such as the theft of computer equipment or other business related losses.

Flexibility and Protection

Choosing a business owner's policy gives you the coverage necessary to protect you and your business against losses regardless of where you are located. For example, if your home based business takes you to clients' homes, you are covered. Suppose you work out of a converted garage on your property. Your business policy follows you wherever you need to go in order to conduct your business, both on and off your own premises. If you are the proud owner of a home based business, don't leave its health to chance. Make sure you have the insurance coverage you need to protect you against those unexpected incidents that might crop up in your daily business dealings.