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High-Risk Hobbies Could Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

William Jordan William Jordan , 4/13/2015
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Staying active can help you live longer. Plus, hobbies are fun. The hobbies you choose could impact your life insurance rates, though, especially if you enjoy certain high-risk activities that include high fatality rates and thus pose a greater risk to insurance companies. 1. Hang Gliding LifeInsuranceRisk In 2011, pilot error and equipment malfunction contributed to at least seven hang gliding fatalities. Additionally, safety experts report that one in 116,000 of all hang gliding flights could result in accidents. 2. Civilian Pilot Congratulations on earning your pilot's license. Unfortunately, hundreds of non-commercial aviation accidents occur annually, and 378 pilots died in 2010 from pilot error, equipment malfunction and bad weather. 3. Mountain Climbing Grab your gear to scale high peaks, but expect to pay more for life insurance, too. The American Alpine Club reports that an average of 25 mountain climbers die each year from equipment malfunctions, bad weather, falling rocks or faulty equipment, and many more suffer from injuries while enjoying this risky sport. 4. Sky Diving Three million people sky dive each year, according to the U.S. Parachuting Association. While 21 divers or one in 142,000 jumpers died in 2010 from equipment malfunctions, midair mistakes and loss of consciousness also cause accidents during this dangerous sport. 5. Recreational Boating Alcohol, bad weather conditions or captain error contributed to the 736 recreational boating fatalities in 2009. That same year, 4,370 accidents caused property damage of roughly $36 million, according to the Coast Guard. 6. Motorcycle Riding They're fun to ride, but intoxicated drivers, excessive speed and failure to wear a helmet contributed to 4,462 motorcycle deaths in 2009. Hobbies help you blow off steam and have fun, but your high-risk hobbies could cause your life insurance premiums to rise. Discuss policy specifics with your insurance agent. Remember to also ask about additional ways you can enjoy your favorite sports while maintaining affordable life insurance coverage. Then get ready to have fun and stay safe!