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5 Tips to Stay Safe from Old Man Winter

William Jordan William Jordan , 10/9/2015
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When the cold winds blow in and the temperatures start dropping, it’s always a cozy time of year. Of course, things get a little less cozy when you get caught unprepared by the weather, or your office building suffers due to lack of planning for frigid temps. Below, we’ll discuss some ways to steer clear of winter mishaps and ensure a fun, safe and healthy winter season. 1. Prep Your Outdoor Areas Before the cold hits, get ready by prepping your landscaped areas and the walkways around your building. Some trees and shrubs take to fall pruning, so either do it yourself or hire a landscape guy. Fix any problems with pavement or stone walkways ­– trip hazards become especially dangerous under a layer of ice. Also turn off outdoor faucets so your pipes don’t freeze and break. 2. Store Cold Weather Gear For the best shot of keeping you and your employees safe, it’s a good idea to have cold weather gear on hand. You never know when a Snowpocalypse will hit. Offer space for employees to store extra cold-weather gear (lockers, closets, etc.) and keep space blankets and emergency food on hand. You may need it. 3. Plan for Snow Although snow isn’t that common in the area, we do get quite a few inches every year, so it’s best to be prepared. Storing nonslip rubber boots and a snow shovel indoors where it will be accessible even in inclement weather is a good idea. Also keep salt and de-icing agents on hand. 4. Prep Employees on Winter Safety Brief employees on what you expect in case of a storm, how to handle snowy conditions, and how to fill out accident reports should they get injured at work. 5. Offer Life Insurance Unfortunately, though it isn’t that likely, there’s always a chance that you or one of your employees may suffer a winter injury. Icy walkways, dropped tree limbs and freak storms all cause a few fatalities every year. While it isn’t common, it’s best to have life insurance for the sake of family. Offer it to your employees, and get some yourself. See? It’s not so hard to prep for winter and make sure you don’t get caught dozing. With these tips, you’re well on your way to a safety conscious and happy office all the way through spring.