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Are You Missing Out on Anything During a Video Meeting?

Despite the fact that many organizations are already switching over to video conferencing in general, there are additional questions that seem to pop up from skeptics all of the time. The fact of the matter is that when you start to use brand new technologies to become more efficient, you also have to have solutions for potential problems that can come up. Make sure you consider the following items and their solutions for you video meeting strategy.

Missing Out On Commuting Time

When you think about the amount of time that it can take the average employee to sit around doing nothing in meetings, then you already know how much time is lost. However, one additional item that seems to be forgotten is the simple amount of time that can be lost just going back and forth to and from meetings. When you consider what Project WNYC has put together with average commuting times, it can be very difficult to commute that long on average.

The simple reality is that when you are competing in a society where even a quarter of a percent to the bottom line is a big deal, if you are able to cut back on a few minutes per day, then you could see the time add up to more than hours or even days of productivity each and every year. Throw in the fact that employees won’t have to put out the same costs to commute, and you are saving even more internal costs. Whether that is the price of traveling, or if it is just the cost of being able to use the elevator to save your own time and energy, there are a tremendous amount of benefits under the surface with video conference capabilities.

Always Have Other Communication Methods

Even though it could be rude to check your phone or your mobile device when you are in the middle of a meeting, you can always have the ability to check everything that you need to when it comes time to use video communications solutions by the BlueJeans Network. The ability to have your screen right in front of you doesn’t just allow you to remain at your work station or desk, but you are also able to see everything else that comes in as well, such as reference materials.

Instead of just dealing with a long list of emails after your meeting, which can be a drag, you are able to handle them as they come in. Whether you are clicking to just take notes, or you are typing to respond to a critical issue with your email, then you can see just how important a strong conferencing software is. Instead of having to deal with all of the major problems and headaches later and instead of allowing them all to build up to huge levels, you can keep everything in front of you for the entire meeting. What you are doing is being more efficient with the time of your organization and all of your managers and meeting participants will be able to get things pushed through the pipeline or up the chain of command a lot quicker.

In-Person Contact

Whether it is the facial expression of the person across from you, the specific body language that is being put out, or even the ability to read the people surrounding whoever you are speaking with, you will definitely want to have visual ability on your side. When you find out just how much people in general will depend upon their ability to see things, you can understand why having the face-to-face capability is truly a necessity with meetings. When you start to think about what Brainline says with respect to how dominant our vision is, you can see why visuals are so important.

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