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All latest Marketing Tactics that help your business to grow in the digital world.

5 Practical Digital Marketing Tactics Every Marketers Must Use

brenda john brenda john , 9/9/2017
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Digital marketing have evolved tremendously in the past decade. Despite the advancements and tools, do not expect to become a social media star in day. No matter how good you are at digital marketing, digital marketing campaigns take some time to deliver results. Successful digital marketing agency and digital marketers knows that very well. You will have to show some patience, consistency and determination to succeed at digital marketing. Thankfully, you can speed up the process and reduce the waiting time with these digital marketing tactics.

Personalized Visual Content

Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster as compared to textual information. Visual content such as infographic and video is in high demand because they make complex concept simple and easier to digest for the audience. Add a personal touch to the visual content and your users can relate to it in a much better way and you get higher customer engagement. Tailor your content according to customer needs and provide value by solving their problems.

Social Advertising

Are you thinking about investing in paid search? You will have to change your mind because 70% of the search results clicked by users are organic therefore; investing in paid search is risky. Spending on social advertising is a much better option. With billions of daily active users on social media sites, you ads get seen by the masses. Another advantage of advertising on social media is that you can target specific audiences, which will not only bring targeted traffic to your website, who are more inclined to buy your products and use your services.

Live Streaming

Another digital marketing tactic that can create instant buzz among your target audience is using live streaming. Whether it is a new product launch or introducing a new service, nothing can create more hype than live streaming the event online. It will engage those customers who are unable to attend your event and tell them about your new product and service features. You can also upload the recording for the event for those who have missed your event due to time zone differences. Businesses can also attract global audiences with a live streaming event.

Marketing Automation

Generating more traffic and converting it into leads is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers. Even if they succeed in bringing traffic to their website, converting that traffic into traffic is not easy. That is where marketing automation can help you. It follows a process that consists of lead attribution, lead scoring and lead nurturing. It makes the process a whole lot easier for marketing and sales as they know whether the leads needs more nurturing or it is ready to be closed. Taking appropriate action can increase the chances of closing more leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you not achieving your desired results with your marketing efforts? If yes, then conversion rate optimization is the solution to your problem.  Persuade more website visitors to take desired actions by testing and implementing different options. Conversion rate optimization let you get the best out of your website traffic by converting a huge percentage into leads and converting those leads into your customers. The best thing about conversion rate optimization is that it highlights areas that need improvements so you can easily take corrective action and boost your sales.

Which digital marketing tactic do you use to drive results quickly? Share it with us in comments section below.