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Is The Coverage There?

Alberto Barros Alberto Barros , 7/16/2014
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Does your Property Managers Errors and Omissions program have the valuable coverage enhancements that you need to provide a comprehensive approach to the E&O needs of Property Managers?

Check out the important coverage features that our Property Managers E&O program offers that are often overlooked by other coverage forms.
  • Professional Services includes coverage for both Property Management and Real Estate activities.
  • Claims alleging Fair Housing Discrimination Act violations: Legal defense is provided up to the limits of liability. Loss, other than defense costs, is covered subject to sub-limit.
  • No exclusion for Failure to Place or Failure to Maintain Insurance.
  • Personal Injury coverage includes coverage for Wrongful Entry, Invasion of Privacy and Wrongful Eviction.
  • Consent to Settle – No maximum on carrier’s liability in the event an insured refuses to consent to a recommended settlement (subject to applicable limits).
  • The definition of loss includes punitive and exemplary damages where permitted by law, most favorable jurisdiction language, and pre- and post- judgment interest.
  • Conduct exclusions are subject to final adjudication requirement.
  • Exclusion for Bodily Injury and Property Damage does not apply to Consequential BI/PD, subject to underwriter approval.
  • Civil Administrative and Civil Regulatory proceedings are included in the definition of claims.
  • Pollution extension for Third Party Financial Loss, subject to sub-limit.
  • No Breach of Privacy exclusion.
  • Allocation – 100% Defense costs for claims alleging both covered and uncovered matters.
  • Reporting - Notice of circumstances which could give rise to a claim may be reported during ERP, if purchased.
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