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Elevator Safety & Maintenance Tips for Condos, Coops & Apartment Buildings

NicoleS NicoleS , 7/30/2015
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Elevators are obviously a huge convenience and selling point for residents of condos, coops and apartment buildings.  However, elevators do need regular maintenance and can become costly if repairs are needed.

Keep Diligent Records of all Elevator Issues
Are there reoccurring issues that seem to keep popping up with one or more of the elevators? If so, there could be a more deep-rooted problem going on.  Tracking these issues can help the elevator technician to find the cause of the problem.  If the problems continue to occur, it may be time to replace or upgrade certain parts.

Properly Train Staff on Emergency Procedures
Remind staff that only trained elevator technicians or someone from a rescue service (police officer, firefighter, etc.) should help trapped elevator passengers.  Each staff member should know the proper emergency numbers to call in the event that someone (resident, guest or staff member) gets trapped inside of an elevator on premises.

Do Not Trade Quality Equipment for a Cheaper Price Tag
Investing in high quality elevator equipment and properly maintaining the equipment can save money down the road when it comes to repairs.  One of the main reasons people experience elevator problems is because of poor quality and/or faulty equipment.  Purchasing high quality elevator equipment, such as door operators, makes the chances of equipment failure less likely.

Elevator safety and maintenance has it’s ‘ups & downs’ and it can be easy to forget how important regular elevator service is.   Addressing any elevator issue promptly and reminding residents to also take good care of the equipment has huge advantages.  Proper elevator maintenance is key in keeping repair costs at a minimum and will keep your elevator operating smoothly for years to come.