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Mary Beth Barenborg & Anthony Lukas founded of Iron & Oak with the goal of bring back the virtues and value of crafting high quality American made furniture. This gives you the ability to create furniture to fit your style & space and not the other way around.

Highlights on Chesterfield Style Furniture

OfIronAnd Oak OfIronAnd Oak , 9/11/2018
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There is something old-fashioned and intrinsically luxurious about the Chesterfields and the COCOCO furniture styles. It is the curved arms and tufting that draw the maximum attention. The makers are intensely passionate about the furniture curated by them and the dedication shines through.

If you are looking for an amazing shopping experience just like any high-end furniture store would provide then expect to be amazed here. You can get customized fabric and leather furniture here. Moreover, these companies also have the fastest time lead in the business. For instance a Fitzgerald packs in classic style of Chesterfield with all modern updates. The details of the kind of style are mentioned below.

Custom Sectionals

This is quite distinguished and strong. The presence of the chairs, loveseat and sofas do not at all have a little bit of arrogance. Its cushions have a flat arm, T-back and the styling is arm-front. They are complemented by roll-arms that are classically bold and possess a cushioning that is plush for a feeling of sink-in. This Chesterfield Style Furniture makes all things possible without sacrificing even the slightest bit of circumstance and pomp. Here are some of its characteristics

Featuring many depths and lengths

The COCOCO being America’s Chesterfield Company offers leather sectionals and sofas. However, the Roosevelt possesses differing depths and lengths that guarantee sofa that is Lawson style and fits right into the home for serious level comfort.

The Roosevelt

Bombastic Roosevelt features class that is amiable, a style kind that is universal and timeless. This resonates with all kinds of audiences. Seat cushions over surface have the support of solid dried hardwood that is actually customized engineered-kiln. The suspension springs are hand-tied that consummates into a durable kind that you can expect to last almost a lifetime.

The Jack

If you are looking for mid-century, low profile masterpiece then it has to be Jack. It is lower enough for not blocking the feng-shui that is open concept and still being supportive enough to present high-level comfort. It is purely complete with square angles that are sharp.


The tufting is done beautiful buttons packing a punch. This is considered truest jack-of-all-trades and possesses perfect height that looks great floating in living room’s middle. One can easily cozy up against a wall if they want to. It can be one of your best investments for layouts that are open-concept.

Shallow geometric button

Geometric button shallow in nature has tufted cushions in the combination with cushion seats that are tufted and comfy buttoned. It looks flappable and tight-back from fabric to leather, making the entire piece appear in leather or fabric.

Consummates to a durable build

The build is quite durable mainly because suspension springs are hand-tied and the frame is dried hardwood that is solid.

Trust the quality

They are built-to-order which means skilled craftsmen make it and you can trust the quality completely. This is because blocks are used in all corners and there is double dowel. The strapping/fasteners and mortise-and-tenon joinery make it all the more strong.