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Why Is Health Insurance a Great Decision to Make?

Anil Kumar Anil Kumar , 6/7/2018
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Our busy lifestyle is making us vulnerable to the environmental changes and diseases. At least one person in every family is suffering from some type of illness and spending lots of money on treatment expenses and health insurance plans are protecting them against the same. Under these plans, you pay a fixed premium every month and your insurance provider will take care of your medical as well as surgical expenses. You can buy a health cover to ensure you don’t have to pay for expensive medical treatments. In this article, you will learn why buying a health cover is a must for every family in the USA.

Medical Coverage

Under this feature, you don’t need to worry about the medical as well as surgical expenses in case you fall ill or meet an accident. Your insurance provider will take care of all the expenses and you won’t have to pay for anything. Usually, they cover most of the dangerous diseases including cancer, diabetes HIV, Alzheimer, heart disease, strokes and renal failure. This means if you or any of your loved ones gets diagnosed with these diseases you need not worry as your insurer is there to take care of the whole treatment expenses. This includes the expenses of consultation, medicines, surgery as well as rehabilitation services. To get a cover for your treatment expenses, you are supposed to inform the insurance provider about the same and they pay the desired amount to the healthcare provider.

Health Check Benefits

Before qualifying for any insurance plan, the potential policy buyer needs to undergo a medical checkup to determine their health status. This gives you an idea of your fitness and the major illness you might be suffering from. Depending on your health status insurance providers will offer online health insurance quotes for you. This means. If you have a sound health and haven’t been detected with any serious illness, you will receive a cheap health insurance in comparison to someone suffering from a serious disease. Also, the habit of smoking and consuming alcohol affects the insurance premium rates and someone having the same will be provided little more expensive plan than someone who never smokes or consumes alcohol. 

No Claims Bonus

Along with their medical coverage and health checkup, a health cover has other benefits as well. Under the no claim bonus, the policyholder is provided a certain amount that he can utilize without making a claim. Mostly, policyholders utilize this amount to pay for the treatment expenses when they or their loved ones fall ill in a remote city where no hospital from the network is available. This bonus amount also proves helpful when the insured needs to pay some amount to initiate the treatment in the hospital. This may sound trivial now, but it isn’t like that. At times, this bonus amount proves a boon for the insured and helps them greatly to get the right treatment before the situation becomes worse.

Cashless Benefits

A cashless treatment facility is one of the most beneficial features of a health insurance plan. Under this facility, the insured can receive the treatment in any hospital of the network without paying a single dollar in cash. Mostly, the accidents occur when you are the least prepared and at times you don’t enough cash to initiate the treatment. In case of an accident, you can directly admit your loved ones to the hospital and they start the treatment immediately. In case of severe injuries, the patient may die if they don’t get treatment timely and hence, this proves crucial to saving people’s lives.

Tax Benefits

Another advantage of buying a health cover is the benefits provided on your income taxes. The federal government provides a tax relief on your taxable income if you have invested a significant amount in health insurance plan. This means you will have to pay a lesser amount as the federal taxes. It may seem trivial, but it helps to save a lot of money every year. You can also inquire about how much tax relief you will be getting from an insurance agent while buying a plan and they will help you with the same.

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