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Temp Staffing and Healthcare

David Malloy David Malloy , 8/3/2016
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PMC has program solutions for 2 leading industry segments
Temp Staffing and Healthcare
PMC Delivering Expertise, Response, and the Broadest Appetite Through our Multiplek Carrier Partners

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PMC Target Classes:
Home Healthcare
Hospice/Palliative Care
Retirement & Assisted Living Facilities
Medical Staffing/Nurse Registries
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Physician/Dental Offices
Surgical Centers
Miscellaneous Medical Facilities
Temporary Staffing
Clerical & Light Industrial
Professional & IT
Manufacturing & Specialty Contractors
Healthcare/Medical Staffing
Surgical Center
Submission Requirements
Completed ACORD 130 Application
Experience Modification Worksheet
3 to 5 years of Current Loss Runs
Supplemental Application
Minimum Premium
  $50,000 - Temp Staffing
  $10,000 - Medical Staffing
  $2,500 for Healthcare
PMC Highlights
A+ Rated carrier(s) Industry Experts
Broad Appetite - Exclusive Programs
Available in All States
Dedicated Underwriting Team
Pay as You Go and Other flexible payment options
Quick Turnaround - Last Minute Submissions Welcomed!
We are your solution for large to small
Workers Compensation Insurance accounts!
When it Comes to Workers' Comp Solutions You only need to make one Call

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Our Experience = Your Success!
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