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Workers Compensation Programs

David Malloy David Malloy , 11/23/2016
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PMC Target Markets
•   VNA's, Homemakers, Hospice, Assisted Living Home Health $2,500 MP
•   Nursing Homes & Hospitals $75,000 MP
•   Temporary Staffing Starting at $40,000 MP
•   Medical Temp Staffing Starting at $7,500 MP
•   Short Haul (under 200 miles)
•   Regional Trucking (< 500 miles, State Specific)
•   Delivery
•   Fuel Oil Dealers MP $5,000
•   Long Haul Trucking $150,000 MP
•   Artisans - Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscaping $5,000 MP
•   Commercial $10,000 MP
•   Energy Related $25,000 MP
•   Commercial Roofers $50,000
Small Business
•   Starting at $2,000 MP
•   Restaurants
•   Janitorial
•   Auto-service/repair, dealerships, gas stations
•   Retail
•   Professional Services
•   Manufacturing
•   Golf courses
•   Child Care
•   Non-Profits
Middle Market & Large Risks over $100k
•   Manufacturing
•   Construction
•   Hospitality
•   Healthcare
•   Wholesale
Guaranteed Cost, Dividend Options, Large Deductible Options
When it Comes to Workers' Comp Solutions You only need to make one Call

That's to PMC Insurance @ 877-PMC-COMP

Our Experience = Your Success!

For the past 20 years, PMC has been developing one of the Broadest Underwriting Appetites in the Industry
Targeted Industries
•   Healthcare
•   Temporary Staffing
•   Non-Profits/Social Services
•   Hospitality Industry
•   Aviation
•   Construction
•   Manufacturing
•   Restaurants
•   USL&H
•   Property Management
•   Any Many More!
If it's Guarantee Cost, Loss Sensitive or Alternative Markets, PMC has the expertise and market connections to find your Solution!

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