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How to Make a Workplace Comfortable for Employees

David Malloy David Malloy , 2/22/2017
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The workplace is a zone in which you hope to increase productivity and earnings, but that mostly depends on how business owners treat their employees–so how can business owners make their workplace more comfortable for employees?

The main target for any business is to be as profitable as possible and to ensure its success. A large part of that success is based on the people who work there. The happiness of employees and the loyalty they feel towards the company encourages your people to do more than just their job. Workers who take pride in their work are more likely to go the extra mile, and that extra effort trickles down, eventually positively impacting the bottom line. That means that business owners need to take care of their employees’ welfare and happiness at the office.      

Work takes up a huge portion of the average American’s life (more so than in most other first-world countries around the world) and creating a balance of work and life can go a long way. Here are a few tips on how to make a workplace more comfortable for employees.

1. Offer the Option to Work from Home
Working from home offers all the benefits of productivity while removing all the distractions of the workplace (music, annoying chatter, uncomfortable small talk, and more). It allows the employee to sleep in a little longer and saves them a frustrating drive to work in morning traffic. With all the technology we now have at our disposal, working from home is just as easy as working in the office.
2. Neat and Organized
The workplace is an environment in which most people will spend the majority of their life so it is really important that employees feel comfortable for all the years they will spend in that building. Employers should provide comfortable and adjustable seating, adequate desks with privacy, and high-end electronic equipment like internet, Wi-Fi, computers, etc. It should also always work, or be repaired quickly, should it malfunction for one reason or another.
3. Proper Lighting
Poor lighting can be responsible for a myriad of problems including headaches and significant eyestrain, and none of the afflictions are conducive to a productive environment. 
4. Comfortable Office Culture 
If your employees feel like they can’t be themselves in the office- whether that means the occasional sarcastic comment or the need for constant quiet- they are much less likely to feel an emotional connection to your business, and, in turn, they will not feel as though the company cares much about them as a person. Allowing for a comfortable, semi-relaxed office environment that prioritizes both efficiency but also a team oriented atmosphere will foster a more welcoming environment that will make the workplace more enjoyable to your employees.

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