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Dangers of Winter Snow and Ice: Slipping and Falling

David Malloy David Malloy , 3/8/2017
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Winter creates a rather dangerous environment for people, which is why everyone should know about the dangers of winter snow and ice.

Let’s go back in time. 200,000 years ago, to be exact, to a little corner in east Africa where modern humans are thought to have originated. Human beings adapted for a warm climate which is why we don’t have a huge layer of blubber like seals, and we’re not covered in insulated fur like polar bears. But humans are tenacious and with our huge brains, we can manipulate the environment to fit our needs, which is why we can live almost anywhere.    

But, as beautiful as snow may look on paper, the dangers of snow and ice can create a load of trouble for human beings. Slips and falls are responsible for many injuries around the U.S., which is why everyone should know the dangers of winter ice and snow and how to prevent them.

  • Keep Your Hands Out of Your Pockets. Your hands help you maintain your balance and can help break falls if your feet slip from under you. Your pockets may provide a warm environment, but you will hit the ground hard without your hands to catch the fall. So instead of burying your hands in your pockets, invest in a good pair of gloves. 
  • Take Short Steps. Have you ever seen a penguin walk? They waddle; they take short steps and keep their center of gravity over the foot with which they are stepping. This maintains their balance on the slippery ice and is the exact opposite of how humans walk and why we slip on ice–we keep our weight on the back foot and then shift all of our weight to the newly planted foot. You don’t have to walk like a penguin (unless you really want to), but taking short strides instead will help keep you on your feet. 
  • Watch Your Step When Entering/Exiting a Vehicle. One normally doesn’t think twice about stepping out of their vehicle, but when ice is present, they should. Watch for any unexpected patches of ice as you exit your vehicle to ensure that you don’t slip and hit your head against your car. 

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