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News & Events In Case you missed it last month

David Malloy David Malloy , 3/8/2017
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News & Events

Incase you missed it last month



About PMC


PMC Insurance Group was formed to help the independent agent expand their marketing capabilities by providing them workers’ compensation products and programs for a broad class of businesses.  We are committed to providing value-added service, superior products, and competitive pricing.

Fun Facts


The first recorded occurrence of workers’ compensation insurance was in 2050 B.C. According to Gregory Guyton’s A Brief History of Workers’ Compensation, the ancient Sumerian law outlined compensation for injury based on body parts. For instance, if you lost a thumb, you were compensated at half the value of losing a finger.



Heads Up #1 - PMC Insurance Group

The California Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau recently issued a bulletin reminding everyone of the requirement that carriers report the cost of all claims for which medical care is provided and medical costs are...

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Kimberly Graham From Meridian Insurance Services -...

Our New Mexico agent, Meridian Insurance Services, Kimberly Graham, reached out to us in October 2016 with a request to assist on her account, also in New Mexico.Their business is aerial crop dusting...

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How to Make a Workplace Comfortable for Employees - PMC...

The main target for any business is to be as profitable as possible and to ensure its success. A large part of that success is based on the people who work there. The happiness of employees and the loyalty they feel towards the company encourages ...

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Most Common Workplace Accidents - PMC Insurance Group

Serious workplace injuries are far too common in the U.S. and around the world. 4,405 workers died while on the job in 2013, and millions more suffered a serious, non-fatal injury. Each day in the United States, thirteen people go to work and...

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