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What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation: Contractors Edition

David Malloy David Malloy , 5/3/2017
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Construction and contracting professionals know about all the risks they face as a part of the industry, and the topic workers’ compensation is often brought up–what should contractors know regarding workers’ comp?     

In the industry of construction and contracting, professionals know that danger can come from anywhere. Even the best-prepared construction worker can fall victim to unforeseen events. If a subcontractor is hurt or becomes ill due to malfunctioning equipment or unchecked chemicals, the construction business will likely be held responsible by a court. Normally, workers’ compensation solves the problem quite easily, but what do contractors have to know about workers’ comp?

Protecting Contractors
If a contractor gets injured on the job, it may be your organization or company that is held liable, and in construction, where heavy and sharp tools loom large, an injury is just waiting to happen. Proper training and personal safety equipment can definitely deter the accident, but humans have been known to commit an error or two (or infinitely many) throughout our existence. With a good policy, your workers’ comp limits will cover the necessary medical bills, and legal fees–if the situation reaches that point.

How Contracting Professionals Benefit
Contractors are people looking to make an honest living to provide for their loved ones, and getting injured during the job can have big consequences. Workers’ compensation offers to cover medical expenses that relate to their work-related injury, lost wages they may not receive due to an extended period of recovery and rehabilitation, and legal fees should the employee file a lawsuit against the company.

Best Injury Protection Tips
One of the best ways to prevent accidents is with the proper training, safety equipment, and following protocol. Ensure that your employees are trained in safety protocol, assess the work site before construction commences, and make sure that your employees always have their personal safety equipment before stepping foot on the premise.

At PMC Insurance Group, we’re experts on workers’ compensation and can help you put the proper policies in place for all of your contracting clients. To learn more about getting competitive coverage for your contractor and construction clients, contact us today.