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Are You Covered? Learn More About What Isn’t Covered Under Your Workers’ Compensation

David Malloy David Malloy , 7/19/2017
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Find out more about what workers’ compensation covers.

Your workers’ compensation insurance helps to protect you and your employee in the event of an accident. Should something happen on the job, your coverage helps to provide your employee with the resources that they need to get back on their feet and you with the liability coverage to protect you from a costly lawsuit. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are limits to your workers’ compensation insurance. Find out what you need to know about what’s not covered so that you can better protect your business and employees.

Non-Workplace Injuries.   

When it comes to workers’ compensation, coverage only applies if an employee was hurt while on the job. From work commutes to lunchtime accidents, if your employee has been injured while engaging in an activity outside of the office, they’re not covered.

Self-Inflicted Injuries.

Often coverage is denied to when employees self-inflict injury, especially if the injury was due to a failure to comply with company policy. If an employee has a self-inflicted injury, they likely aren’t covered by your workers’ compensation coverage.

Minor Injuries.

While no one wants anyone to get hurt on the job, minor injuries that can be treated with a basic first aid kit aren’t covered under your workers’ compensation coverage. From papercuts to the occasional tension headache, if you have a minor injury it’s often not enough to warrant a workers’ compensation claim.

Mental Health Injuries.

Mental health is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly.However, mental health conditions are often not covered under workers’ compensation. Mental health often is a gray area and requires further investigation as to whether it warrants a workers’ comp claim.

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