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Plimsoll Specialty Markets, LLC

Plimsoll Specialty was founded by one of the most seasoned teams in the North American Aerospace Insurance sector with the goal of becoming the leading wholesale Aviation insurance broker / agency and program administrator in this highly specialized segment of the global insurance marketplace. Our deep bench of veteran aerospace insurance executives is here to bring the retail insurance agent/ brokerage community the very best consultative placement services for all lines of Aviation and Aerospace insurance coverage from the light aircraft operated by the CEO of your key account to large fleets of helicopters and jet aircraft to major hub airports and airport services firms to large aviation maintenance / MRO facilities and aircraft manufacturing firms. We’re here to put our years of experience and deep knowledge of the aviation insurance marketplace to work for you!

High Limits for airport/Airline services

Michael Clark Michael Clark , 8/31/2017
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Plimsoll Specialty Markets, LLC
The leader in wholesale aviation insurance solutions.
Michael Clark | 770-933-6925 | [email protected]
Plimsoll Specialty is the industry leading expert in the placement of airport and airline service firms. From aircraft maintenance to baggage handlers to wheelchair services and airport janitors, if your client works on an airport or in the aviation field, we can provide general liability limits from 1 Million USD to 2 Billion USD, on admitted paper, along with workers’ compensation coverage for the same risks on a supported or stand-alone basis.
Aviation General Liability Limits up to 2 Billion
Supported & Unsupported Workers’ Compensation
Target Airline/ Airport Classes:
Commercial and General Aviation Airports

Aircraft Maintenance

Baggage Handling

Airport Wheelchair Services

Sky Caps
Airport Janitorial- in the Airport Terminal or on the Aircraft


Airline Catering

Airport Security

Our highly experienced team of veteran aviation insurance executives is here to provide you best-in-industry aviation insurance consultation and placement services.
Let us be your Aviation Department!
Michael Clark | 770-933-6925 | [email protected]
Plimsoll Specialty Markets, LLC
3330 Cumberland Blvd. , Suite 500 Atlanta , GA 30339
Ph: 770-933-6925