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E&O Insurance for Mortgage Bankers

Monica Sachdev Monica Sachdev , 8/25/2016
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Protects the lender's interest from lack of direct insurance and provides E & O coverage for mistakes that can occur in the day-to-day origination and servicing of residential and commercial real estate loans.

  • Safety net for Fire, EC, and VMM contingent insurance
  • Physical damage and errors & omissions are included
  • Options that are in compliance with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae regulations
  • Options to streamline the verification process of borrower insurance
Coverage can take effect when
  • Lack of direct insurance coverage with physical damage to property
  • Errors in timely lender-placement is missed due to cancellation of borrower insurance policy
  • Failure to pay real estate taxes on behalf of the borrower
  • Mistake occurs in determination of flood zone properties resulting in absence of flood insurance
Extensive coverage options available
  • Physical Damage: property suffers a loss from required perils; includes flood insurance when necessary
  • Errors & Omissions: failure to pay borrowers homeowner's insurance covering real property, error in determining a flood zone, title E & O, loss of security interest, and many others
  • Balance of Perils: broadens physical damage coverage to perils not required of the borrower
  • Real Estate Tax Liability: coverage against errors and omissions arising inadvertently from unpaid real estate taxes
  • Equity Endorsement: removal of hazard tracking requirement on second and equity loans; coverage can be endorsed to include removal tracking on all loans if it qualifies
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