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Amanda Bowers Amanda Bowers , 9/13/2017
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Hard-to-Place residential, commercial and real estate owned (REO) properties.
Amanda Bowers
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•   KwikRisk Financial Institution Application
•   KwikRisk Non-Financial Institution Application
•   KwikRisk Equipment & Contents Application
For the past 45 years, Proctor Financial, Inc. (PFI) has established itself as a market leader providing servicing solutions and comprehensive lender-placed insurance products to satisfy the needs of financial institutions. By bundling insurance programs, PFI has been able to mitigate risk & reduce administration for the 1,500 clients it serves nationwide. Visit to learn more.
KwikRisk® is Proctor Financial, Inc.'s individual property program for Hard-to-Place residential, commercial and real estate owned (REO) properties.

KwikRisk® is designed to insure hard-to-place or high value commercial properties where loan values exceed a lender’s Mortgage Guard or REO Guard limit or where the specific property is not eligible under the Mortgage Guard program

In addition, KwikRisk® can be used to cover non-financial entities and non-real estate collateral such as contractor’s equipment, machinery and business personal property.
Program Highlights:
•   Coverage for vacant residential and commercial buildings, buildings undergoing repairs, strip malls, warehouse, new construction, 1 to 4 family dwellings and other qualified properties
•   Policy can include:
  ○   Terms of 3, 6 and 12 months
  ○   Insured limits up to $10,000,000
  ○   $1,000,000 limit on frame construction
•   Liability can include: Commercial General Liability (CGL) for mercantile, habitational and contractors, vacant buildings, vacant land up to 500 acres, Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL) and other options
For more information on KwikRisk or Proctor Financial, please visit our website at or our KwikRisk storefront!
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