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What to do following any GRAY water damage

Gordon O’Neill Gordon O’Neill , 4/15/2015
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Gray WaterIt does not take very long for water to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. In just a short time, carpets can be ruined, flooring can buckle, drywall will swell, electronics will be damaged beyond repair, and furniture can be rendered unusable. Gray water is water from a washing machine, toilet, dishwasher, or other water-using appliance in your home. If your home is flooded and the source of water is not a clean water pipe, the water is considered 'gray water.' If you have a gray water leak in your home, you have to treat the clean up differently than if clean water does the same kind of damage. Gray Water=Partially Polluted Because gray water is considered partially polluted by microbes or chemicals, you need to use special care when cleaning it up or even entering the flooded area. If you have allergies or sensitivities, gray water can really make you sick, so you probably should allow someone else to help with the cleanup. Additionally, anyone who does clean up gray water damage should use latex gloves and shoe covers, and treat the flooded area as a biohazard. Carpeting must be completely ripped up and discarded. Anything that is salvaged must be bleached or sanitized in some way to keep you and your family members healthy. If you cannot properly sanitize items damaged by gray water, they must be thrown away. Call an Expert Major water leaks due to gray water should be addressed by professional clean-up companies. These people have the equipment needed to get rid of the water, discard the contaminated items, and clean up the home so that it will be safe for the family to live in again. Most of the time, your homeowner's insurance policy will help pay for a professional clean-up company to come to your home and clean up the gray water. Replace Almost Everything Gray water floods mean that almost everything in the flooded area will need to be replaced. Don't be surprised if your flooded area is ripped down to bare studs and the flooring is completely replaced. It may take some time for your home to get back to normal, but remember that it is for the safety of the entire family. If you have a gray water leak and need advice about what to do next, contact Raley, Watts and O'Neill Insurance today!