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Reliable Premium Management

What is Reliable Premium Management? Our main service is the calculation, collection, and remittal of workers’ compensation premiums. We’re the only Pay-As-You-Go workers’ compensation provider that works with any payroll provider and any insurance carrier. Make workers’ compensation easy without having to switch your insurance or payroll providers. Our Values… Personalized, friendly service. We can’t say it enough. We truly believe in doing good for our customers. Helping people work together to make insurance easier. Our clients need a liaison to link all pieces of the workers’ compensation puzzle. We strive to understand each client’s unique needs. Business owners/policyholders. Payroll providers. Insurance agents/brokers. Insurance carriers. We know our customers by name. Our clients are not policy numbers or client IDs, they are people that we can relate to. We’re a partner, and we value our customers understanding that we’re all in this together. We understand the nuances of workers’ compensation. Our service feels automated to customers because it makes workers’ comp so effortless. That’s because we have real experts looking at each unique situation. Experts handle every detail of your workers’ comp insurance, not a computer program that can’t account for changing details.

Work Comp Made Easy!

Jim Urseth Jim Urseth , 1/8/2019
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Agent Friendly Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation
Have you lost accounts to payroll company agencies or PEOs simply because of their flexible pay-as-you-go workers compensation pay plan? 

We can help! 

(888) 731-8703

What’s different about RPM?
We are the independent link between you, your carrier, and your client’s payroll service, no matter what provider or DIY software they choose.  

We are not a broker! 

YOU own your book of business, and you write under YOUR carrier contracts! 

This unique approach to Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation allows YOU to keep your valuable carrier and client relationships.


When you work with RPM, you give your customers a flexible, straightforward alternative for paying their insurance premiums.

You give them a better experience by helping them make payments that reflect the actual amount owed, so they don’t get stuck with a surprise payment at the end of an audit.

You also get an extra layer of customer service, with passionate experts that can help your customers accurately pay
and effortlessly deal with audits. 

Audit review is included for FREE for all RPM clients!  This valuable service can help YOU save time and client relationships.


What Sets RPM Apart
We’re the only Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation provider that connects directly with your customers’ current payroll solution, no matter the provider or DIY software they choose. 

We’re not an alternative, we’re an integration. Most Pay-Go options are only available to a specific payroll provider or insurance company.

We are independent! 

Why should you care? That means your customers get the benefit of Pay-Go premiums without having to choose between a provider that has a Pay-Go option and a provider they love. 

Your customers get the best of both worlds
 your service and ours.

Are you ready to give your customers a better workers’ comp experience?
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Reliable Premium Management 
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