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Meeting Your Needs

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Workers Compensation: Are Your Employees That Travel Covered in Other States?

Kimberly Beach Kimberly Beach , 3/18/2015
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Massive Airbag Recall Auto Insurance KSWorkers compensation is insurance that employers are required to have. It is designed to provide compensation to employees in the event that they are injured or sickened while performing their job duties during work hours. Each state sets forth differing requirements that could be more or less generous than their next-door neighbors. Traveling Employees and Workers Comp If your company sends its employees to states other than the state your comany is based in, it is important to know that your workers compensation policy might not cover them. The states that are listed within the "Declarations"item 3.A or 3.C portion of your policy are the only ones whose claims are paid out by your insurance carrierif certain requirements are not met.This means that if one of your employees is injured while on the job in a different state that is not listed in section item 3.A or 3.C of your policy, the claim could be deniedand you could be held fully responsible. Solutions for Traveling Employees One solution to this dilemma is to call your agent and see if you can addthose states to your policy.  This provides coverage for those employees that might work temporarily within those states. An exception to this is if the other states are “monopolistic” and workers compensation coverage may need to be purchased from those states directly. Exceptions to This Solution The above solution is designed only for those times when an employee must temporarily traveland work inanother state. In the event that you set up another “business location” in anotherstate as well as within the home base state, that state will likely need to be added to your insurance's "Declarations" pageitem 3.A. The above information is simply an overview. For specific advice about a workers compensation coverage that is right for your business, contact your insurance agent.