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justan john justan john , 9/12/2018
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The term “Jio”, the most common, hot and well-known word for the current scenario. The evolution that jio brought into the telecom sector, we all well versed of that. Now the same evolution is moving towards the DTH sector.  The telecom sector’s rivalries had a very bad experience at that time, as many users were moving or switching to Jio. As far as the DTH concerns, Tata sky is the leader of all, which persists strongly, but now the storm of Jio DTH that may dig the loss for them.

The Highlights: Since Jio has declared about their DTH services, we all are wondering and looking forward to it. We are expecting that this service willpertain to the previous booms of Jio.

•    The very important expertise of this DTH service is the new technology, which is being used by JIO DTH (i.e. also known as the Jio Home TV), is Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS). This technology is new in India and currently on the beta version of testing.

•    As per the sources, this will be a modified version of Jio TV App. That app requires the internet connection for watching TV but as long as Jio DTH concerns, it will serve the best quality screen that will need no internet. The contents will be broadcasted through offline access.

• Jiooffers the best screen quality. In this concern, It will offer 3 ways of accesses for TV - Standard Definition (SD) Channels, High Definition (HD) Channels and the Hybrid Package (that includes both SD and HD channels).

•     As far as the price concerns, the sources are even talking for the same.Jio always offers something that suits the buyer like us. I’m saying that there is no official announcement from the reliance Jio office. The news is running with the details like Rs. 900/- per set-top box connection (yes, it lesser to others). As per many portals, Jio is offering these SD and HD channel in monthly recharge for Rs. 200/- and 400/- respectively.

•  There are a number of news and portals on the same, which are thriving over the internet gradually. The welcome date for required DTH is still awaited. We all are waiting for that. But as per the sources, it may start soon. The online and offline both bookings will be available for the same. Till now, the most expected time is that it may launch in October 2018. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till next month for the best one to come.

The Rumors: Every successful hero has so many rumors, which build the hero irony. The same is applying with Jio DTH too. With lots of news, there are some pictures of Jio set-top box (they are highlighting it with, ‘leaked pictures'). This crossed limits when many sellers started selling Jio box through a few online shopping sites (like Amazon, Snapdeal etc.). You can submit the buying request and take the delivery in a few days. That set-top box will have the fake sticker of 'Jio'. We all are already having an eye on Jio DTH, these things may play with our emotions and we can ruin our money behind nothing, so beware of those.