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Kevin Martin Kevin Martin , 5/7/2014
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Loser Pays! Sounds like something you hear on a playground in primary school, not something you would connect with a lawsuit. But not for long! “Loser pays” is becoming a more popular clause in business contracts as well as federal and state statues. If you lose in a lawsuit, the last thing you want to do is pay your opponent’s lawyer fees. But a “loser pays” provision requires the person who loses a lawsuit to reimburse the other party for their attorney expenses. 

It is important for you to be aware of the affect a lawsuit may have on your insurance clients. They could stand to lose a lot more than just what they are required to pay in damages, which may cause them to lose their businesses; in turn, you could lose your client. You already provide coverage solutions to help protect your clients from a variety of risks. Now you can add another layer of protection: litigation insurance. 

Sonoma Risk Insurance Agency is proud to introduce the Annual Attorney’s Fees Edge (AAFE) program. This is a low-cost annual policy that is specifically designed to add another layer of protection to your client’s suite of insurance policies. This policy covers the expense of your clients’ opponent’s attorney fees in case they initiate a lawsuit or are sued and lose during the policy period. (AFFE) is ideal for your lents who have been sued previously and would like to protect their assets if it happens again. 

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