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The Bare Facts about ISO’s CGL Form and Attorneys’ Fees

Kevin Martin Kevin Martin , 6/11/2014
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The Bare Facts about ISO’s CGL Form and Attorneys’ Fees

Did you know that ISO’s Commercial General Liability Form does not include coverage for an opponent’s attorneys’ fees if your client is sued and loses?

If one of your insurance clients loses a lawsuit, it’s bad enough to have to pay their own attorneys’ fees, let alone the opponent’s fees. This “loser pays” provision is becoming more and more common in standard business contracts and many state statutes.  In some cases, this level of financial exposure could put their entire business at risk.  And it’s very likely that their current insurance program doesn’t cover them.

Even though this risk isn’t covered in standard Commercial General Liability coverage, there is a solution you can add to your client’s insurance portfolio--the Annual Attorneys’ Fees Edge (AAFE) policy.  For a reasonable premium, AAFE helps protect your clients—or your own business, for that matter—from breaking the bank paying for litigation.

Don’t let your clients lose the shirts off their backs on your watch.  For more information about AAFE, you can call me at 310-954-1522 or email me at

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