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Apt Digital Marketing is the Key Factor in Tesla’s Successful Launch in Dubai

Muneeb Qadar Muneeb Qadar , 9/8/2017
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Dubai is the financial hub of UAE and one of the most prominent cities in the MENA region. Unlimited business opportunities in this city attract people from across Asia and Africa. Setting up a business here or marketing your product in this city is tricky as the dynamics of making a venture successful here is quite different from other global business hubs. Sound knowledge of Arabic and the buying habit of the people here are just some of the hurdles new businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs face while looking to setup a business in Dubai.

I am sure not many of you truly understand what it takes to successfully conduct a business in this city where there is tremendous scope of doing business. Let me give you an example through which you will come to know how difficult it is to penetrate in the Dubai market and what it takes, apart from Digital marketing in Dubai, to gain foothold in this city. The launch of Tesla in Dubai is what I will discuss in detail now.

Making inroads in a New Market, the Tesla Way

UAE in general and cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi boosts of showrooms of virtually all the luxury car brands of the world like Audi, Ferrari, BMW, etc. So it was quite natural for Tesla to have a go at this lucrative market. But there were quite a few challenges for Tesla. Firstly, it is not considered a luxury brand by many people as it produce cars running on electric engines and look upon as a clean energy and fuel efficient car.

The price of Tesla when it was launched in Dubai was over 275,000 Dirhams for the cheapest model and just this aspect made it among the most expensive cars in the market. Tesla made sure that it was launched in a grand style to woo all the potential customers. The showroom at Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the most plush car showrooms in Dubai and it the launch surely made headlines. But the job was only half done for Tesla as it was looking to spread awareness about its cars to a wider audience and not just the super-rich. So they tried to change their strategy in this regard.

Use of Digital Channels and Social Media Networks

Prior to the actual launch of their showroom, the real task was to entice the users of social media that something big is coming. A teaser campaign through social media networks was launched and it did the trick as people were eager to see what’s in store for them at the launch event and it created quite a buzz. But actually how Tesla managed to do this in a short while is the real deal.

The management team of Tesla was well aware of the fact that how important it is to have a strong online presence. A website is a necessity but profiles on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter make a lot of difference. That’s why they hired a firm expert in providing social media marketing in Dubai and related services. That’s how took the social world by storm and created much hype before the actual launch of the showroom in July, 2017.

The Power of Digital Marketing

You can clearly see from the example above that the power of digital marketing channels and especially social media networks is awesome. Any company in the world, be it a small time player in the market or a multi-million dollar conglomerate, no company can afford to leave the void in this regard. Digital marketing is the new frontier that companies around the world need to conquer in order to make sure they can beat their competitors and also know what the competitors are doing in order to woo the potential customers to create a counter strategy.

Tesla succeeded in getting its message across in making its target audience excited by the prospect of an electric car and made sure they marketed as a luxury one too as its price was too expensive for an average person to afford. The effective engagement with their prospective customers made a big difference for Tesla in the successful launch of their product.

Final Word

I hope by now you will understand why digital marketing is a priority for every company before a product launch and give vital information and enlighten a prospective customer about the product and its benefits.

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