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Why Have Sales Meetings?

Randy Schwantz Randy Schwantz , 11/20/2013
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Granted, the above title sounds like a smart-ass question, but seriously…why have sales meetings?

I bet most of you would answer like this:

  • We need to know what our numbers look like, and how we stand with our monthly goals.
  • We need to motivate my team.
  • We need to know which accounts are we working on, and what progress we’re making.
  • We need to keep everybody accountable.
  • We need to know what’s new that would help us do our jobs better.

Don’t get me wrong -- these aren’t bad answers, but they’re all about the WHAT of sales meetings – the content.

What’s more useful is the PURPOSE of sales meetings.

I’ll ask you again. WHY do you run sales meetings?

Made you think, huh?

Let me suggest some reasons that might shine a light on what makes for great, productive, efficient sales meetings:

  • To help your producers win.
  • To drive your revenue.
  • To take out your competition.

Think for a moment. If your sales meetings were all about those three things, don’t you think that motivation would naturally follow? Don’t you think that accountability would naturally follow?

Address these simple WHYs in your agency – not just in your sales meetings – and your business will transform. Purpose is vital in a high-performing company.

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Have a great week, and go out and crush your competition!


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