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Whole Vs Term Life Insurance

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The Endless Possibilities for A+ Rated Insurers

Scott Scott , 2/14/2018
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Just the other week I was speaking with a Client of mine about how many great rated insurers there were.   This individual is pretty financially savvy and our discussion led us to how many A- or better AM Best Financial Strength rated insurers there were.

I had already known that there were about 10-12 A++ life insurance carriers, depending on how you counted some of the dual listed corporate entities.   Most of those I could name right off my memory.   But when it came to the A+ carriers - I did not know.   How many A+ life insurers are there? (The Short answer is that there was more than I cared count.)

Thus began an attempt to try and find a document that lists all of the A+ rated insurance carriers out there.   Finally I go myself on a copy of a Comdex listing from 2018 which listed out all of the financial strength ratings from Moodys, Fitch, S&P, and AM Best.  This list proved to me that there are literally tons of well capitalized and regarded life insurers out there.

A couple of open questions from my research:
Wow there are lots and lots of A+ and A++ rated insurance companies.
Many of them are inter-related under various Parent Child structures.
I had not heard of lots of them.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Lastly it seems to me that there are enough A+ life insurance companies to be able to offer life insurance to many many americans.
This I thought was very good news.

You can look up almost any life insurer's financial strength rating direct at AM Best yourself.   Just sign up for a free account and type in the name of the insurance company.