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Why Swedes are Moving Away from Investing in Insurance

Ron Jackson Ron Jackson , 3/19/2018
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This may sound a bit unusual, but Swedes are getting ride behind cannabis stocks. In a country that currently doesn’t allow cannabis, it shows the desire for Swedish people to bring the green rush to Scandinavia.

Contributing to this trend is the success of Stockholm based Heliospectra AB, which manufactures and sells advanced lighting systems for plants and trades on the alternative market in Sweden. The company’s shares exploded by over 140% at the beginning of the year, and they are experiencing a 40% growth every year. The future certainly seems bright for them.


The way they have become successful is to take the stance that the gold diggers don’t make the money, it’s the people who are selling them the spades.

Market insiders says that just under 50,000 Swedes engaged in cannabis stock trades in the last 30 days. While this is welcome, it is expected that this will decrease over the coming months, but still be at a higher rate than they were in 2017.

The Swedes are sometimes seen to be a cautious country when it comes to trading, often putting money in car manufacturers such as Volvo and big insurance companies with little to no chance of failure.

While a majority still don’t favour cannabis legislation relaxation in Sweden, it appears to be the case that while not everyone supports introducing cannabis into Sweden, there appears to be no concern about making money from the industry.


Temper Your Expectations


The reason why industry insiders believe that the number of active investors will fall from the 50,000 level is because many of these investors were expecting a higher return. There is often a hype when people seem to jump on the bandwagon and fall off when things don’t turn out as expected.

Investors need to focus on companies that are offering a key service to the cannabis industry, such as software producers which allow growers to take their crop to market. Investing in companies who deal directly with cannabis can be a dangerous game to play, as they could be shut down over night if they don’t obey the laws that are set out for them to follow.


Investing in a cannabis business is similar to investing in “normal” businesses. Sure, there are additional areas to take a look at, but if you pay attention and choose the right company that sticks to the law and is expected to grow, it could be quite lucrative.

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