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How to target a potential employer?

Parisha Sharma Parisha Sharma , 10/17/2017
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UAE job market is becoming more and more competitive with the increase in the number of expats over the past few years. The upcoming Expo2020 is also attracting a lot of companies in the country so the job market has seen an upward swing.  With the increase in demand for qualified professionals, employers in some major sectors are hiring in 2017.

Every job seeker in UAE is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and reach out to the potential employers. According to an HR professional, they receive around 100 resumes on an average for any position they advertise. In case there are multiple vacancies, the number of resumes just keeps multiplying. In such a scenario, employers look for other methods to find candidates and avoid a pile of resumes on their desks.

It is important that job seekers have an online presence on leading job boards as most employers will search for candidates online and make the decision based on their online profile. It is a much quicker way for the employers to reach out to the potential candidates than waiting to receive the right application in their inbox. Having a professionally written CV is of little or no use if you are not able to make it to the employer’s search results of potential candidates. 

In order to reach out to the right employers, your CV needs to exist on the job portals and employer databases. CV distribution is a great way of achieving this goal. Most career guidance and CV writing firms in Dubai, UAE will provide an additional service known as CV distribution service. This service entails distributing your CV to the major employers in your industry as well as to the most reputed recruitment firms. It also includes creating an account for you on the major job boards. The cumulative result of this service gives you the maximum required exposure in today’s market and makes sure your profile is available whenever an employer is looking for a profile matching yours.