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Maintain Torrent Download Privacy with Seedbox Subscription

Parisha Sharma Parisha Sharma , 1/2/2018
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A new game released, and you found yourself downloading the torrent file unaware of potential threats lurking somewhere like Trojan malware to infect your system—err—in fact, this is a real threat to your privacy and security. You can find yourself caught in a legal battle on the charges of copyright infringements. Well, you are thinking—duh—who cares? Of course, you need to care. With a lot of agencies monitoring and logging your online activities you cannot rule out the possibilities of getting caught; are you panicked? Stop there, relax; the solution is Seedbox.

Now, what is a seedbox? That is the immediate question, right? A seedbox is a remote server hosted on a high-bandwidth privately owned data center that can upload and download files without exposing your identity. That means you can download files to your system anonymously.

A seedbox is not only efficient at providing security; it can download at lightning speed too, do not worry about the upload speed, it has an evenly 1:1 ratio that makes it alluring as far as tech geeks are concerned. The security is strengthened by encrypted FTP and HTTP connection making it difficult for your ISP to figure out your activities.

It is obvious to get curious about seedbox; especially new users might get a little more agile to use a seedbox. You can Google seedbox free and locate seedbox providers; however, a free seedbox will have limitations and might not provide you adequate security; apparently, nothing is free in this universe, when you get something free, you need to compromise on the quality of the service. Moreover, it is not advisable to take a risk where legal implications are obvious.

To enjoy a risk-free experience; just find a premium seedbox hosting company that can offer you various plans and packages. Choosing a paid service provider means you will have flexibility and technical support for technical issues; most of the times novice users do not understand the technology upfront; therefore, going with a premium seedbox provider is a wise decision.

The seedbox can have the speed ranging from 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s, and users can avail the speed according to their requirement. Almost all the seedbox providers have various plans for various user segments. While choosing seedbox hosting service, make sure to look at their website, find out the technology they use because different companies use different security methods. Join the online forum to get a second opinion; the internet is flooded with techies to help you in locating and understanding the technology.

Eventually, in this highly content-driven world, copyright infringement is a serious offense, and nobody loves to read legal notice. Therefore, it is time to play smart. Moreover, seedbox is the ultimate way to secure your privacy. All you need to do is; locate a service provider, buy a plan and enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies and games.

How you go about it completely depends on you; carry out research and understand its implications before you decide to subscribe to a seedbox plan. The fact is; seedbox is the safest and fastest way of downloading torrent files.