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Recommended Puzzle Games for Kids

Parisha Sharma Parisha Sharma , 1/7/2018
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Life has gone digital. Size of the computers has decreased manifold but the intrusion in life has grown exponentially. Anywhere and anything you see, digital world has the stamp of its authority on it. Right from alarm on your mobile phone which wakes you up in the morning, to your e-newspaper which keeps you abreast about the world, to those emails which helps you respond to official queries, to posts on your Facebook profile wishing you birthday, Christmas, New Year and what not. Not to forget those frequent beeps of Whatsapp messages on your mobile phone.

Outreach of digital was felt by one of the largest democracy in the recent past, when the Prime Minister of country announced demonetisation and resulted in the liquidity crunch across the country. It was the digital world which came to the rescue of the citizens. Most of the transactions were diverted to digital payment options.

But, the expansion of the digital world has not yet reached its pinnacle. It will chart out much higher skies in coming future, thus it becomes utmost important to introduce kids to computers at an early stage and make them technology savvy. But, care needs to be put in to decide what children comes through when they come across the world of internet.

At an early stage the focus should be to make a child aware about computer, its components, using it to get information or knowledge. Also it should be noted the age group what we are talking about here starts from 4 and goes until 15. Thus, the need of improving motor skills of the child is also important at this stage.

Now, think of a solution which can address all these needs of a child. Wouldn’t it be great if it appears in front of you without making much of an effort? Well, the solution is available for your kids’ usage in the form of online typing puzzles or games. Benefits of these games are numerous; some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Using these games you will not only make a child aware about computer system, because they will start using the computer at a tender age, they will also develop an interest towards learning how the system works.
  • Typing games improves the motor skills of a person, as the hand-eye coordination improves.
  • Player, in this case your child, becomes smarter as game teaches him/ her to prioritise things in life, as games challenges the player to prioritise which word needs to be addressed first.
  • Game helps in increasing the vocabulary of the player, as every time child will come across some new words.
  • Game inculcates spirit of self-improvement, or challenging your best.
  • Game also gives an important lesson of accepting defeat, as there will be situations where your kid will not be able to complete a level or challenge thrown by the game, or will not be at the top of the leader board. This lesson will make your kid much more humble and filled with humility.
  • And the simplest outcome will be improvement in the typing speed of your kid. This might not appear to be a very lucrative or important outcome at first, but with the changing times when paper and pens are being driven towards becoming obsolete; typing is emerging as the alternate (at last days of worrying about the handwriting will be over) .

Some of the commonly available typing games for kids, along with the source of all typing games, are as follows:

Keyboard climber: Objective of the game is to reach the moon by typing the correct letters as they appear.

Typing Rocket Junior: Objective of the game is to explode the rockets as they appear by typing the letters written on the rocket.

Spellerz: Objective is to save the world from invasion. Game lets you choose the difficulty level by choosing the type of invasion.

Typing Adventure: Objective is to type your way to the treasure!

QWERTY Warriors: Objective is to survive for as long as you can by killing the enemy by typing the word that appears below each enemy and hitting enter.

The Typing of the Ghosts: Objective is to make the ghost vanish by typing the characters on them.

Typing Speed Test: Objective is to type the text as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Cup Stacking: Objective of the game is to stack and unstack the cups by typing letters on them.

Numpad Kenneys: Objective is to whack the Kenny’s by pressing the keys in the number pad.

Bull Spell: Objective is to make your bull win the race by correctly typing the words which appear on the screen. Lesser the typing speed slower will be the bull.

To make use of these games, all you need to have is a computer connected to internet and with Flash player enabled. To explore more, you can land at any search engine, key in the search string ‘typing games for kids’ and innumerable options will be served to you on a platter providing you source of all typing games. You can select as per your wish and thus monotony never sets in because of so many options.

So what are you waiting for, introduce your kids to these fun filled games and watch them turn into a TYPEMASTER.