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How to get good nights sleep without drugs – But on your mattress

Parisha Sharma Parisha Sharma , 1/8/2018
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When you eye an article about getting great sleep, it generally mentions medicines and drugs. Did anyone think that only your bed, the comfort of it can actually bring a great sleep? Sleep is a natural phenomenon so it will happen only when few elements are in place. Your mind should be relaxed and free from stress. The environment should be just perfect which includes the room must have normal temperature; it must be serene and dark. Now coming to the bed, it must have adequate space and there should be a comfortable mattress. You don’t need any sleep pills if you invest in a Nolah Mattress.

There was a time when sleep was only for wimps but now its symbol of status. According to evidence, sleeping well at night gives health, wealth and happiness. These days after grueling work schedule of 9-10 hours, sleep is mandatory. According to statistics offered by International Sleep Products Association, the sale of beds and mattresses has seen a hike since last year. Memory foam is an awesome material; you get the best mattresses made from this. These days you get too many restless sleepers, its best for those because it soaks movement. These mattresses are on the expensive side so most manufacturers including Nolah mattress offers a trial period and you can return if you are not satisfied.

What mattress type do you prefer?

Some love to sleep on hard surface while some love very soft ones and there are some people who love a mixture of hard and soft. The common types are the foam ones, then innerspring, air mattresses and hybrid ones. In each type, the level of comfort, the support and firmness varies. According to Nolah mattress, the combination of foam and spring are the best and now very popular ones. Peole have also become very conscious about the agronomic part, they invest in something that will keep their neck, back and spine healthy. Here more number of coils mean extra support and the foam is placed on top to enhance the support.

The size of the mattress matters

The right kind and size of mattress is actually good for your back. According to ‘The Better Sleep Council’, the size of a mattress is responsible of bringing good sleep. A small sized one can trigger the risk of you rolling off the bed at night. A full-sized mattress is the best and even now a lot of parents are buying it for their kids. This ensures a comfortable night’s sleep on the bed. If you are investing for the guest room, you can buy a queen size mattress from Nolah.

Usual mattress buying tips:

When should you invest in a Nolah mattress – A mattress that has become too old is not good for your back. If you feel a low back pain sleeping on the existing one, its time to invest in a new.

Test sleep – While buying a Nolah mattress, opt for a test sleep. According to experts, if you lay on a mattress for 15 minutes, you can understand the difference in comfort level. Incase you carry a pillow from home, its great. There are a lot of people doing this now so you won’t draw crowd probably but you will invest in the right one from Nolah.

Comfort first then comes price – Do not compromise comfort for price so buy the one that is most comfortable. It is a long term investment and it’s a matter of 8-9 hours of sleep or even more everyday. Most good mattresses from Nolah are moderately priced.

Finally, get rid of overheating

A lot of reviews crib about their mattress being excessively warm but you can definitely get over this issue. Invest in a heat sensitive bed so that the bed instead of collecting the heat, it reacts with the amount of pressure you put on it and the heat. Your bed should have proper ventilation to keep you cool. Please note that the firmer you r mattress, the cooler it would be.

Now with the right kind of mattress and an awesome bedroom, you do not require drugs to initiate sleep. Nolah designs specifically engineered mattresses that are best for comfortable sleeping round the year. Good Night... Sweet dreams…