How to Apply Acrylic Nails Yourself

First, grab some paper towel.

If you have any nail polish on, remove with this first preferably with a non acetone nail polish remover.
Next, give your hands a good wash with soap and warm water, dry thoroughly and gently push back cuticles with an orange stick.

If you're not wearing any polish, give your nails a wipe with the nail polish remover to help remove any traces of oil. Then wash hands with soap and warm water, and gently push back cuticles.

File your fingernails so all your nails are even with the tip of your finger. This is a good length to have your nails, this way they offer good support for the fake nails.

Give your nails a buff, this will help the resin adhere to your natural fingernails and the false nails.

To make it easier for you, lay out all of the fake nails in front of you, each one corresponding to the fingernail it fits to. Each acrylic nail must sit close to your cuticle, not under it or over it. The rounded end of the fake nail is the end you face toward your cuticle.

The false nails should have a number on them; this makes it easier for you when you are doing the other hand.

If they don't fit properly they will look uneven and everyone will be able to tell they are fake. Of course, if it's your very first time, then you are excused.

You may need to file the cuticle end of the fake nail so it fits properly.

It is easier to start with the right hand if you are right handed, or left hand if you are left handed and start with the little finger first.

Put a small amount of glue on your fingernail, get the fake nail and gently press it on your nail, holding for about 10 seconds. If any glue is escaping out of the sides, just wipe it with your paper towel.

Do all the other fingernails.

To make sure your nails have adhered to your natural fingernails, give each one a little twist, just to make sure. If one comes loose, reglue it.

You will most probably have to cut your acrylic nails to a desired length. I would suggest filing them, as they are quite hard and likely to crack.

You can use a false fingernail cutter, these are specifically designed to cut and shape fake nails.

When you are done, put on a coat of nail strengthener, when dry apply your favourite nail polish color, then apply a top coat to help protect the polish and give a nice shine.

The best part about doing it yourself; you save money, and time.

One thing you have to be careful of when applying your false nails. Make sure if one of the nails lifts, that you glue it back down immediately. If moisture gets in, you have a greater chance of a nail fungus infection happening.

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