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Charter Spectrum Regarded as the Best Internet Service Provider in 2018

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 6/13/2018
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Recent reviews from ACSI and Customer Satisfaction Reports state that Charter Spectrum provides the exceptional digital solutions to its users and hold a significant position among its users. Charter Communications emerged as Spectrum after acquiring Time Warner and Bright House Networks in 2016. Since then, Charter has delivered its telecommunication services with tremendous dedication and legacy. It provides top-notch quality of cable TV, internet, and phone services at economical prices. With Charter cable TV, users get the ever-green experience of watching premium quality channels in HD along with the free DVR service. With Charter voice, customers get access to unlimited local and long distance calling including 28 amazing calling features that allow you to stay connected with your loved ones at all times. Spectrum internet service offers super-fast and reliable internet facility along with plenty of bandwidth to keep all the members of the family connected anytime. Here, I will present the outstanding features of Charter internet that mark it as the largest internet service provider (ISP) in the USA.

1.    Lightning Fast Internet Speed

Do you remember the time when you use internet on your personal computer using dial-up connection and always ended up with deserted and sluggish internet speed. However, digital technology has surpassed all the odds of the world. With Charter internet, users get blazing-fast and stable internet speed starting from 100 Mbps. Get the best experience of downloading movies and songs, playing high-graphics gaming, and live streaming of favorite content all at reasonable prices.

2.    Get Incredible Wi-Fi Connectivity with Free Modem

Now users can get the best taste of internet surfing with the free Wi-Fi router. The router has robust speed and range and ensures amazing in-home Wi-Fi connectivity to all the members of the family without affecting the performance of the internet. Customers can get the high-speed internet on all of their compatible devices like tablets, mobile phones, and laptops anywhere in the home. If you are planning to go on a tour and wish to enjoy thrilling internet on your vacations, then you have good news. You can still enjoy the blazing-fast speed of Charter internet with thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots all across the US.

3.    No Data Checkpoints

Other internet service providers put data checkpoints on the internet speed that affects the performance of the internet. However, one of the significant features of Spectrum internet service is that there are no data caps. It means that there are no limitations on data usage and you can watch movies, shows, sports; play high-graphics games, and enjoy your favorite internet browsing as much as you want. Charter Spectrum aims to deliver the best internet service to its users at all times without compromising the speed of the internet.

4.    Security Suite to Counter Online Threats

Unlike other internet service providers, Charter also offers outstanding security software known as Security Suite for online protection. Users get pre-installed Security Suite along with Charter internet free of cost. It contains complete set of cutting-edge tools that protect the users’ data from online dangers. With unlimited access to internet, sometimes, internet connections are more prone to attacks from hacker’s mafia like viruses, malware, and malicious content. However, your data is now safe using Charter internet through two amazing features of Security Suite such as Virus Detection and Inbox Protection. Whenever a virus interrupts your personal computer security wall, it immediately detects and mitigates the virus. Inbox protection feature provides stringent protection to the customers email against spams and junk emails. Now parents can also monitor and control the online content being accessed by the family members through Parental Control feature. Realizing the genuine apprehensions of the customers, Charter has provided users with the state of the art protection software to browse steadily and securely.

5.    Enjoy Charter Cable TV on the Go

Charter Internet pairs perfectly with the cable TV and allows users to get the best experience of premium quality channels in HD cable TV. Download the Spectrum TV app in your portable devices and enjoy the fantastic entertainment of sports, news and family channels all the time wherever you are. Charter TV offers over 200 channels in HD like SHOWTIME, TMC, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, HBO, HBO GO, MAX GO, NFL NETWORK, etc. Users get the unique features of Cable TV in three incredible packages like Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold. Enjoy thousands of movies in 3D through on-demand choices, record your favorite content, watch live streaming of concerts, special standup shows with these packages.

6.    Tons of Bandwidth

Another significant attribute of Spectrum internet is that it delivers tons of bandwidth along with the super-fast and reliable internet. Abundant bandwidth permits everyone to get connected to internet all the time. Moreover, with enough bandwidth you can also use internet on your compatible devices efficiently without affecting the performance of the internet.