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Top 6 Social Media Management Tools To Upgrade Your Game In 2018

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 6/21/2018
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Social media marketing has become quite prevalent in the year 2018 considering wide presence of individuals on the same. Almost every person you meet today, uses one or the other social media platform and this serves as a very good alternative to the normal door to door marketing.  When used proper approaches and tactics, social media and genuinely bring about some extremely significant changes in the overall brand value of businesses. Social media management tools play a significant role in the same. Here are top six social media marketing tools that have been proved to be extremely exceptional.


  1. Buffer

Buffer has been a primary social media management tool when from a long time now and is quite reliable in its approach. It allows you to schedule your posts beforehand and there are various other features which set it apart from all the other social media marketing tools.


  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another extremely commendable social media management tool which also allows you to schedule your posts and that too on multiple accounts. You can schedule a maximum of 30 posts at a single time and also allows you to manage three of your social media profiles at a single time.


  1. Friends+Me

Friends+Me is yet another social media management tool with some extraordinary features. It emphasises more on the google plus features and provides you with some darn good plans depending upon the business size.


  1. Zoho Social

Zoho social is an ideal social media management tool for both the agencies as well as the budding businesses. It allows you to manage multiple social platforms at a single go. It allows you to conduct a good research for the keywords and also allows you to actually work with your teammates and all of that on a single dashboard. Although, it comes with almost the same features than any other leading social media management tools but it comes with some exceptional features like advanced report features, facebook lead ads etc.


  1. TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is created exclusively for handling twitter accounts and it is the must use social media management tool if your entire work is focused on this system. It allows the twitter users to apply custom timelines, add team accounts etc. 


  1. SocialOomph

SocialOomph comes with multiple features that will leave you awestruck. It allows you to handle you analytics, scheduling and it also helps you in keeping your twitter inbox completely clean so as to increase the number of followers. They offer you a wide range of features for twitter, facebook, pinterest and Linked management.


Social media is a very powerful tool in the year 2018 for upgrading your game and taking your business to all new heights. Mentioned in the above section are the few of the most effective social media management tools that work for almost every kind of business. You can make use of these top seven social media management tools for the best management of your social media platforms.