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5 Essential Tips to Maximize SEO In Your Blog

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 6/25/2018
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SEO or search engine optimization is an excellent tool that has been useful to many blog owners- both personal and business purpose. Blogging is not only for personal use, it is also helpful for business in growing their followers’ numbers and turning them into potential buyers. That is why even big names in the business industry are already into SEO techniques. Top bloggers, influencers, and even famous people are already using SEO.


If done right, SEO will significantly increase your website's traffic that could lead in boosting your business sales due to high potential conversions and lead generation. If you want technical advice or help from the expert, New York SEO Authority can provide you with the best search engine optimization new york strategy and internet marketing to expose your blog or business in search engines results.


As for starters in SEO, below are the 5 essential tips to maximize the use of SEO in your blog:

Bring Back your Old Blog Posts to Life

Remember your first blog post? It may still contain useful and interesting information that your readers are looking for, so maybe it is time to bring it to life. First is to work on the title and make it more catchy and SEO-friendly. Look for outdated information that is no longer relevant and replace it with new ones. Review your blogs meta description and add SEO-friendly keywording. Don’t also forget to check your blogs existing links and make sure they are still working and live, replace them with an updated one if necessary. Rework with your sub-headings or add some if your blog doesn’t have one. Replace dated pictures with a new one and make sure it is relative to the content of the blog. Keep in mind also that you should always proofread your blog content for any mistakes before making it live.

Continuously Provide High-Quality Content

Providing your readers with high-quality, useful content will give a boost in your SEO ranking. Ensure that you contents subtopics are connected semantically. Avoid posting shallow contents and superficial contents, focus on creating meaningful and useful blog contents to ensure that your site will attract organic traffic. Providing relevant imagery will also help boost the quality and visibility of your blog by configuring the image alt text and make it relevant to your blog topic.

Encourage Backlinking

If you want to make your blog content to become more competitive and more visible, then trying the link building strategy is a must. For you to develop a reliable search engine visibility, your content must have the right kind of relative, and working links and the other sites also should link back to you. This strategy can be done using guest-posting to other blog sites that accept guest post; this strategy will benefit the both of you.

Explore Long-Tail Keywords

A single keyword is fine, but a group of keywords that are used together is even better. We already know that keywords are the most decisive factors for a successful SEO. To maximize SEO efficiency, you have to conduct brainstorming for keyword ideas and focus on the user intent. You can also visit ‘Google Keyword Planner’ to check out your keywords search volume.

Promote Longer Blog Posts

Search engines nowadays try to rank up contents with the highest quality to ensure their users are getting the best search results. Users usually might not read the long blog post, but search engine algorithm suggests that longer post contains more detailed information compared to a shorter blog post.


SEO is a valuable tool to boost your presence in the web. For beginners, use the above essential tips to promote your blog to get higher search rankings. For best results, contact an internet marketing agency to help you meet your objectives using SEO.