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Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out in 5 Easy Steps

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 7/2/2018
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The world of social media now boasts over 2 billion active users - just think about it: that’s nearly a quarter of the Earth’s population! Over the years, Instagram has burgeoned to become one of the most vibrant social media platforms. And, it’s truly an indispensable tool to help you in gaining Instagram followers.

Although the platform doesn’t allow links to be included in the posts, you can still leverage your Instagram feed to effectively increase traffic, grow your brand, and boost your sales. How so? Here are 5 simple ways to make your Instagram feed stand out and start gaining Instagram followers.

#1. It’s all in the Photography

The odds are that you use your smartphone to take pictures for your Instagram feed. So, if you want to do a bang-up job on the photos, it pays to adjust your camera’s setting. Here are a few tweaks you might want to make to your camera:

       Switch off HDR: sure, photos taken using high-dynamic-range can look amazing, but they can seem overdone and too processed. That’s a big no-no for your Instagram feed. Turn it off for more natural and beautiful takes.

       Avoid over-exposure: most overexposed photos look amateurish and might seem too bright, messing up your look. That’s why you need to underexpose and take your shots in a bit darker environment.

       Don’t over-rely on autofocus - it might be best for in-the-moment shots, though

       Avoid using too much flash - again, too much brightness can spoil your photos

       Burst pictures are crucial

#2. Leverage Creative Tools

To make your feed stand out and begin gaining Instagram followers, you must differentiate your content first. Luckily, there are many creative tools out there that can help you add pizzazz to your Instagram photos, videos, and other forms of content.

#3. Connect and Engage with your Followers

Sure, you are a strong brand. But, when it comes to gaining Instagram followers, it is vital to treat your followers as your online friends. Oftentimes that means like, share, and comment on their activity as well. It’ll enrich your feed.

#4. Use a Clear and Stand-Out Profile Picture

Is there anything more annoying than a small, blurry Instagram profile picture? Save everyone the hassle by using a bright, large, and colorful picture.

#5. Have a Strategic Plan for your Posts

In the same way you picked out a relevant theme, style, and color for your Instagram, it is also wise to have a strategy on when and how to make your posts. It’s all in the timing. You want to post an hour early and be consistent.

Social media is far-evolving. Use these handy tips to take your Instagram feed to the next level and start gaining Instagram followers.