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How Low can Mobile App Development Cost Go?

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 7/5/2018
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There’s no exaggeration to the fact that mobile apps have become the cornerstone of every business and brand. All are relying on the mobile applications for engaging a wider targeted audience, provide them with exclusive customer services, boost their sales, enhance market presence, and much more. All are dwelling in the mobile market to bring the best out. But, when it comes to mobile app development cost, all have the same question, “How low can the application cost go?”

While many people and app developers might disclose different mantra to find out how much does it cost to make an app, the actual costing of any mobile application depends on the efforts involved. In a layman’s language, more the efforts and time a mobile app consumes, more will be its price.

Now, the next question that strikes here is, “How much efforts does my app require? And how can I calculate the app cost on the basis of it?” Keeping the same into consideration, we will dig into the mobile app cost breakdown in this article.


Mobile App Development Cost: Factors to Consider for Better Estimate


Market Research

When it comes to how much does it cost to develop a mobile app, the time and funds invested in market research also make a difference. More the time and resources you employed to validate your app idea and understand how to build your app better than that of the competitors’, the more will it cost.


App Type

Do you want to build a native app or a cross-platform or hybrid one? The choice affects the cost of creating an app. A Native mobile app might have impressive advantages over the other app approach, it will cost you more.


App Platform

The platform you opt for developing your application also increase the app development cost. For example, building an app for Android is more time-consuming and expensive than that for iOS due to various reasons including platform fragmentation.


Features and Technologies

Every feature and technology comes with its individual price tag. This implies each feature and technology you add into your mobile app development process will influence the mobile application development cost. Surprised? Let’s have a rough estimate of how much does it cost to integrate a particular technology/feature into your app:

       Geo-location services: $7,500-$17,000

       Email login: $5,500-$7,500

       Social Media Integration: $2,000-$15,000

       In-app purchase: $5,500- $15,000


Hiring Style

When it comes to hiring style, we have two options. Either we hire the developers locally and see all the processing with our naked eyes. Or we outsource our app development needs. As per the market research, both the approaches are equally practised. However, outsourcing mobile app development is preferred due to its cost-effective advantages. This approach empowers you to hire proficient developers as per your budget as well as gives you an escape from additional charges like infrastructure cost, software and license cost, etc.



The location of the mobile app development company you hire also hold a great significance in the process of calculating the cost of creating an app. Every region has its own price meter, implying you need to check the location in order to find the costing range. To make it simpler for you, here’re the values recorded by the market researchers:

       India: $70/hr

       United Kingdom: $70/hr

       Australia: $110/hr

       USA: $150/hr


App Team Size

We often relate the team size with quality and time. However, the app team size is also connected to the app cost. Wondering how? If you hire a freelancer or a small agency with 5-10 members, your app will be ready in $2,000 to $25,000. Whereas, a mid-size development company with about 500 members will demand $25,000 to $2,00,000. Likewise, a reputed large-size mobile app development firm will deliver the same app with better features, quality, and future scope in $4,50,000 to $1,500,000.



The mobile app design process comprises of different phases like prototyping, wireframe, UI/UX design, etc. More the phases you consider in the mobile application development process, the more it costs. Apart from this, the type of design you opt also make a difference. A simple app design like that of a calculator will be much inexpensive in comparison to an Uber-clone application.



The number of hours required to code a mobile application also bring a drastic difference in the overall app budget. Depending on the number of app screens and the app complexity, the app development cost increases. For example, a simple application can be delivered within a month or two at a price of $80,000. A database-backed application will be ready in $1,00,000 to $1,50,000 whereas an advanced, multi-feature application will demand having a budget of $1,50,000 to $2,50,000.

Apart from this programming language, software, third-party APIs, and other tools you employ also influence the app cost. An iOS application with Swift might cost lower than an iOS app with Objective-C due to lesser code lines.


Code Reusability

The best mobile app developers have disclosed that reusing the code can save up to 20%-30% of the app development cost. However, this practice should be considered only in case of modules like login page and contact us page. For other pages, it is advisable to start from the scratch to bring more innovation out.



There are various security tools and technique available in the market. The better the tools you choose, the higher will be the cost.



When it comes to testing (Quality assurance) phase, the cost depends on the efforts and  time you invest in the testing process. More the efforts and tools required, higher will be the mobile application development cost. An Android application costs you higher than an iOS app due to its platform fragmentation characteristics.


App Launch

Apple App Store asks for $99/yr and Google Play Store demands one-time $25 as a developer fee to allow you to launch your app. So, these values are also counted under the app cost.


App Marketing

While many overlook this phase thinking their app is too unique, the app marketing plays a pivotal role in increasing app downloads and enjoy app success. So, it is essential to check the app marketing cost. Now coming to the app marketing cost, it depends on the platforms and processes you consider. For example, Social media marketing might cost you nothing, promoting via traditional advertising methods is costlier.


Maintenance and Update

Although the maintenance and update do not come under the initial app development cost, we will cover this section with a futuristic approach. The app maintenance cost, as per the top mobile application developers, is nearly 20% of the total mobile app development cost. Whereas, the app update cost depends completely on the features and technologies you are planning to add into your mobile app.


Now, as you know how low the app development cost can go based upon the aforementioned factors, make the right decision. Do not fall for the cheapest price and pay too high. Compare the price with the services and enjoy the perks of mobile app development.