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Your Eyes are Strained Every Day, Protect them With Payne Glasses

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 7/12/2018
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Vision is very expensive on the body. It’s the sense we use the most. Many of us take it for granted. We ignore wearing sunglasses in the summer and even spend ridiculous amounts of time in front harmful screens in our daily lives. These are some really bad habits that are hard to curb because often for our jobs we have no choice but to work in front of a screen all day!


Why it’s no good to have too much screen time


Our screens emit blue light which is known scientifically as HEV (High Energy Visible) light. This kind of light is associated with how our bodies regulate the circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). In Nature it’s present during the day and gradually less and less present as we approach evening. Under natural circumstances, i.e. no screens, the absence of this light  in the evenings and at night makes our bodies release melatonin, a hormone which prepares us for sleep. The problem is we often use our devices until late at night, which emit this blue light and keeps us from getting rest. Poor sleep is associated with Obesity, Diabetes, heart disease and depression…


So What can you do about it?


Get special Glasses that block HEV light


One possible solution is to purchase a lenses for your classes that block this kind of light, known in the industry as blue blockers. However, it has to be one wants to constantly be changing their glasses...we simply don’t have time for that! We mention this because on the market there are already lenses that darken to prevent UV light. So the way it would work until now is if you were outdoors during the day, you would have a pair of glasses with UV-resistant lenses, and indoors you’d have...well nothing!


Until now, that is. One company is going after this market.


Payne Glasses make glasses that combine both these eye-protection needs. The company developed lenses that are UV light responsive and Blue Light Blocking. Two filtering functions in one pair.