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8 Brilliant Window Treatment Trends

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 7/31/2018
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You can decide to rethink about the dressing of your windows at any point of the year. There's no ideal time to do this. When you notice that your curtains, cornices or valances have experienced better days, it becomes important to test some of these window treatment trends so that you can see your space in a new light. Whether your taste is for draperies that catch the eye or for simple but effective treatments, there's an available trend that will meet your needs and satisfy your taste. Take a look at these trends that will surely give you inspiration.


1. Repurposing of Tablecloths and Sheets

This trick has been identified and used by a lot of stylemakers for several years. Instead of the traditional curtains, they make use of large tablecloths and flat sheets. This can be done by simply hanging them using rods accompanied by ring clips. However, you can also stitch on ribbon or fabric ties. You can even decide to use a shower curtain with a colorful fabric. This method of dressing your window blinds is very affordable and it will give your space a whole new look filled with color and patterns.

This method as a whole is very thrifty and if you don't own linens, you can get them to buy for cheap prices at thrift stores, flea markets and home retailers. Designer sheets are even least costly than a lot of drapery panels.


2. Customize Plain Curtains

Normally, it's almost impossible to go wrong using solid, simple panels or sheets. However, you can take things up a notch. You can do this by giving these panels and sheers a customized look. You can paint on a stencil or pattern, glue embellishments (beads or silk flowers), etc. This window treatment trend is very affordable and can be done without the need for a professional.


3. Honeycomb Blinds

Also referred to as cellular blinds, these blinds are simple but elegant. They have been existing for several years, but it is recently that they have become darlings of the designing world. They are stylish and streamlined while also being very eco-friendly. With a lot of pockets capable of trapping air, these blinds provide an extra insulation layer at the windows.

Honeycomb blinds are quite affordable. There are high-end versions available, though, but the standard ones also have aesthetic beauty and are less costly.


4. Roman Shades

You can give rustic warmth to the window blinds of your space with Roman shades. These are versatile, elegant and beautiful at the same time. They also come in different patterns and fabrics. You can decide to have them designed to your taste to ensure that your space has a custom window covering while also receiving sufficient natural light.

Roman shades are a classic and they have not lost their appeal even after all these years. However, they've become even more popular in the last few years due to the simple lines they have. These lines give spaces a comfortable and relaxed feeling and it mirrors the way a lot of us now approach decorating. With minimum fuss, they incorporate softness to a location.


5. Going Organic

If we're being honest, there's nothing that can compare to organic materials and the natural colours and textures that they can bring to a space. This is the reason why one particular window treatment is sought-after i.e. woven wood shades. These wood shades consist of organic materials that can include reeds, grasses, planks and bamboo. These shades are a very good window treatment and will ensure that your room is provided with a casual look and feel that is strikingly similar with a lot of decor styles.

When looking for a clean look, make use of woven wood shades. You can also add contrast using drapery to layer them. These woven shades will ensure that diffused light can come into the room while also letting its inhabitants see what's happening outside.


6. Motorized Shades & Blinds

Window treatments of a motorized nature will allow its users open, close and tilt their window blinds just by a single tap of a button or with the help of their smartphones. These motorized blinds can be powered using either batteries or a wall plug. They are also customizable to your preferred appearance and to portray the way you want your blinds and shades to operate. This motorization can be done on Roman shades, roller shades and cellular shades - ultimately handing you a convenient and luxurious operation of the window treatment you prefer the most.

As technology will continue to become even more invaluable in our lives, smart homes will also continue to grow in their popularity. These motorized shutters can be installed by a lot of professional shutter businesses with Indian River Shutter Company being one of them. Homes and spaces in Vero Beach and Florida, in general, can patronize this business to install these shutters.


7. Window Treatments of a Multi-layered Nature

You might be wondering what multi-layered window treatments are. This is what you get when you combine a particular kind of window treatment with another one.

For instance, you like window shades and the privacy, light and sun blocking features it provides. Moreover, you still want drapery panels and the luxurious look they provide. To get the best of both worlds, you can merge these drapery panels so that they can layer with shades, shutters and blinds - ultimately giving you the privacy and light features that you crave as well as that luxurious look.


8. Sheer Look

A window treatment using sheer shades will ensure that your windows possess an elegant and soft touch without bulky fabric overwhelming them. With the soft look draperies provide and the functionality a blind brings, sheer shades create an exquisite look that adds light and privacy control.

Sheer curtains are also an effective window treatment method that will look great on its own or when layered over other kinds of window treatments. It doesn't matter which you prefer, any of the sheer touches will provide your window with a majestic but subtle style that will positively affect the look of your space.



There isn't an actual perfect period to rethink about the dressing of your windows. Work with a time that will suit your schedule and needs. Also, be up to date with all the latest window treatments available so as to ensure that your space is left with the most stylish look while also having sufficient light and privacy control.