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Why is having an SEO strategy so important?

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 9/10/2018
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Search engines have become a vital part of everyday life. Whether it’s searching for a local service or simply the answer to a question, millions of people use them to access the information they need. So as a business, knowing how to improve your visibility on search rankings, and stay ahead of your competition, is a vital step to success. So why is having an SEO strategy so important?


Having a good strategy boosts your ranking


Planning your SEO strategy in detail means considering long-tail keywords and less frequently searched terms, with a goal of maximising your ranking. Building pages around relevant keywords and mentioning them in your blog allows you to rank high on a more long term basis, providing your content is meaningful.


Increased credibility


Having an SEO strategy that puts you near the top of a search ranking will make your company appear more credible. The click through rate for the first listed business is obviously the highest, but providing you land on page 1 of Google people will see you as a brand they can trust.


Solidifies your brand


The key to effective SEO ranking is to plan the keywords your customers will choose. Every time you contribute a page or blog post to these searches, customers see your name associated with the answer to their problems. Providing you keep this up in a consistent way, people will begin to see you as a credible brand in your area of expertise.


Better quality traffic


Your SEO strategy should focus on reaching potential new clients in the easiest way. It’s no good planning to reach potential customers who are unable to use your services, so having an effective SEO strategy allows you to streamline your outreach to the most relevant people.


Spend less on marketing


If you plan to grow your search engine ranking organically over time by having an SEO strategy, then you’ll inevitably save money on advertising. After all, you won’t have to pay to reach customers if they find you themselves on Google. Building your ranking using regular SEO blog posts is a very effective way to do this.


Improves user experience


Although SEO is used by businesses to rank better, it also affects the customer experience. Your SEO strategy should plan for accessibility and ease of use, as this will make people more willing to come back to your site. A bad customer journey puts many people off a company, and so you should be easy to find on Google and always deliver the content they want to see.


Having an SEO strategy is a crucial step for any company looking to do business online. It takes time to develop an effective strategy and to begin ranking well, but businesses that invest the time and effort will see results from their labour. The key is to plan intelligently and use your industry knowledge to create content that not only makes you rank well, but provides the answers to your customer’s questions.