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What Insurance you will need When Living in Thailand

Lan Bell Lan Bell , 9/15/2018
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Insurance is one of those things that everybody hates until they actually need it, and let us tell you now, you are going to need it if you ever live abroad in another country such as Thailand. You are not going to be able to rely on your own government for help, therefore, you should ensure that you are covered for every circumstance.

Travel Insurance

No matter whether you are travelling for a short holiday or are planning a more permanent stay, you should still think strongly about getting travel insurance from your own country before going to Thailand. This will cover you for any travel or accommodation disruptions but more importantly if you have an accident while in the country.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is another type of insurance you may need depending quite obviously on if you plan to drive in the country.  The roads are treacherous here and there is a high death rate due to car accidents, so you should choose the type of car insurance that you feel is sufficient for this.

For level 1 car insurance or ประกันรถยนต์ชั้น1ราคา as the Thai’s call it, you are getting fully comprehensive coverage and the best possible insurance available to you. Type 3 on the other hand will give you more basic third-party cover in the country.You then have type 2 insurance which is in the middle of the two in terms of both price and coverage.

Health Insurance

If you are from the UK, USA, or Australia, it might come as a bit of a shock to you that you will have to sort out your own health insurance in Thailand. There is no NHS here and if you ever want healthcare, you are only going to be able to get it with health insurance. Travel insurance will cover you here if you are not staying permanently but should you be planning to live here, health insurance is a must.

As with travel insurance and car insurance, you have a number of options so it is well worth doing your homework to discover which would be the best for you.


Before you take your trip to Thailand just make sure you have done all of the necessary research on the types of insurance you will need and note down which companies to approach when you set foot in the country. Whether you want to learn the ประกันรถยนต์ชั้น1ราคา(price for level 1 car insurance) or want to find out what cover you will be getting for your health insurance, the only way you are going to know is by making a few calls and send out some emails.